GEBE will bill Govt. for water from reverse osmosis systems

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities company GEBE will attempt to recover some of the cost associated with the potable water that residents have been using from the reverse osmosis (RO) systems located around the country.

The RO systems were donated by the Dutch Government following Hurricane Irma in an effort to ensure that residents had drinking water available following the major storm.

GEBE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kenrick Chittick said the water being used by residents is being metered, but no one is currently paying for the water being consumed. “The water is metered and so far GEBE has been absorbing the cost, but we plan to take the bill to Government to see if they can help absorb some of the cost and see if we can get some funds back,” he said.

The tab to date is not available as GEBE has not yet tabulated the cost. The RO Systems were provided by the Dutch Government for six months with the option of extending for another six months. Chittick said GEBE will be evaluating how to continue with the RO systems.

Although the water is for drinking purposes, when the systems were initially installed some residents abused them by taking their clothing and vehicles to the RO systems to wash them. This resulted in GEBE placing a security guard at the system located at the St. Maarten Festival Village to stem the abuse of the water.

The three RO systems are located at the St. Maarten Festival Village, in Dutch Quarter near McDonald’s and in Madame Estate near the former Fresh Market.

Source: The Daily Herald