GEBE will start disconnecting clients with past due pay plans March 15 | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities company GEBE said it will start disconnecting customers with past due payment plans as of March 15.

  The company said in a statement on Monday evening that its instalment plans constitute binding agreements with select customers, which include specific payment amounts and due dates. “Customers with past due payments, as clearly outlined in their instalment plans, are hereby informed that disconnections will resume as of March 15, 2023,” GEBE said. 

  The company claimed that it has made numerous attempts to work along with these customers to encourage their compliance with “timely payments” and thereby avoid disconnection. “This includes repeated customer reminders, direct notifications, press releases, public notices and sometimes telephone calls from GEBE’s representatives. However, despite several ongoing attempts, some customers remain unresponsive and non-compliant with their agreed-upon payment arrangements,” GEBE said.

  “Therefore, NV GEBE simply cannot continuously provide these services without customer payments. Additionally, the company has shared countless notices urging all customers to keep their NV GEBE accounts current by making timely payments. For some customers, this is based on existing instalment plans … However, all customers are encouraged to estimate their average monthly consumption for payments to be made continuously on their GEBE accounts.”

  GEBE said payments can be made without a bill, as only the customer account number is required. “Such a payment is credited to the customer account(s) with receipts issued for the customer’s accounting records.”

  GEBE said it is committed to providing customers with continuous electricity and water services, despite the crisis situation caused due to last year’s ransomware and cyber-attacks.

  “Almost a year after suspending disconnections due to this situation, GEBE customers with overdue instalment plans (payment arrangements) are being reminded to make all outstanding payments in order to avoid disconnection.”

  The company said it appreciates customers’ prompt attention and cooperation, as the company cannot continue to provide utility services without payments. Payments can be made at GEBE’s Main Office in Philipsburg, Branch Office in Simpson Bay and/or online.

  For further information, please contact the NV GEBE Customer Care Department via the help desk at (721)546-1100/546-1160, e-mail:

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Source: The Daily Herald