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Perry Geerlings


PHILIPSBURG–Caretaker Finance Minister Perry Geerlings will be having an “urgent meeting” in Curaçao today, Friday, as a follow-up to talks held in Miami recently with Persian-American Parman Group shareholder billionaire Hushang Ansary and Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS) Acting President Bob Traa.

  Geerlings told reporters at the weekly Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday that he had been “bombarded by the press” about the trip “to meet the owners or part of owners of the Ennia Group.”

  “Indeed, I was there together with president of the CBCS and this meeting was to get acquainted with the owners, but if you look at what is in the press it’s like I pushed for this and I pushed the initiative. The way it was written in the press was totally beside the fact,” Geerlings said.

  CBCS said it had made it clear in a press statement last week that Traa attended the “introductory meeting” in Miami with Ansary at Geerlings’ request. CBCS added that the it serves two countries in the monetary union and as such serves two governments, two finance ministers and two economies, and if one of the ministers appeals to CBCS, CBCS can respond to this.

  Geerlings said there had been a lack of information from CBCS about the issue.

  “I can tell you that for quite some time now, because of lack of information that I am getting out of my own Central Bank, I saw it necessary to find out what was going on at both ends. And that was exactly the sole purpose [of the meeting with Ansary – Ed.].

  “It was not to reach any agreement. It was just to obtain information from that group and we were happy that we had this meeting and we have some questions that are going to be addressed shortly in Curaçao in an urgent meeting on Friday.”

  Geerlings also spoke about concerns surrounding Giro Bank. There is also “the issue of the Giro Bank in Curaçao. Giro Bank is one of the banks that is also governed under an emergency intervention by the Central Bank and we have major problems with that bank as well and with that a lot of other banks established in Curaçao. So, that will also be discussed this Friday urgently in Curaçao. …

  “If [these banks] topple, St. Maarten will have and face serious financial consequences thereof.”

  Geerlings promised that on his return from his meeting in Curaçao he will elaborate “further on what was agreed upon.  I hope we can reach certain agreements,” he noted. 

  Curaçao-based insurance company ENNIA started liability proceedings against Parman Group owner Ansary, his daughter Nina Ansary, his right-hand man Abdallah Andraous, and former ENNIA directors Ralph Palm and Gijs van Doorn. The company, currently under emergency rule of the Central Bank, wants at least NAf. 700 million to be returned.

  ENNIA and CBCS had already managed to obtain around NAf. 500 million earlier, which was parked at Merrill Lynch in New York.

  The long-term solvency deficit, partly as a result of “unlawful withdrawals and conduct,” must be eliminated, but this does not mean that there is a liquidity shortage. According to the Central Bank, ENNIA can meet all payment obligations.

  The liability procedure is being handled for ENNIA/CBCS by Ox & Wolf Legal Partners in Curaçao, assisted by Dutch and American law offices. This office previously also did the legal work regarding the funds at Merrill Lynch.

Source: The Daily Herald