Gendarmerie advises vigilance as house burglaries on the rise | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–The Gendarmerie notes a rise in burglaries at residences and advises the public to always be vigilant and report any suspicious activity by calling the number 17.

The following are tips to better secure your home:

Protect and reinforce access points, i.e. front door, windows, bay windows, back doors; hide attractive assets such as cash, jewellery, computer equipment, mobile telephones away from view; do not leave doors and windows open even if going out for only a short time.

Do not hide keys in obvious places such as under the door mat, in a flowerpot or other object outside; avoid leaving signs that one is away such as letting mail accumulate in the mailbox, leaving a message on the answering machine, or a message on Facebook.

Do not leave tools or equipment outside the home such as ladders, screwdrivers, various tools that could facilitate entry for a burglar. Keep vegetation around the home trimmed down so the home is visible from the street. Have lighting installed around the outside of the house that works with motion detectors. Install an alarm system inside the house to detect an intrusion.

Monitor the surrounding environment: ask a trusted neighbour to be particularly vigilant to check your house in case of absence and to collect the mail.

As part of the annual “Relaxed Vacation Operation”, if going off-island for a period of time report your absence with dates of departure and return to the Gendarmerie in person or by calling 17.

Always report any suspicious vehicles, individuals or activity. Take a note of car type, colour, registration number, and remember personal clothing and other details.

In the event of a burglary, do not touch anything in the house and notify the Gendarmerie promptly.

The Gendarmerie is increasing its patrols, but also depends on citizens’ participation.

Source: The Daily Herald