Gendarmerie and insertion association collaborate on road safety awareness

President of insertion association CSI Marie-Paule Rousseau and Gendarmes engage in exchanges with young people during a road safety awareness session in French Quarter on Monday.


MARIGOT–French Quarter association Centre Symphorien d’Insertion (CSI) and the Gendarmerie conducted an awareness initiative on Monday in French Quarter on the importance of wearing crash helmets when riding scooters and motorbikes.

  To give youngsters more incentive, a competition has been organised by CS, where a driving course for two-wheelers can be won at a driving school in Hope Estate, Grand Case.

  The competition entails painting a design on a crash helmet with the designs being judged by a jury. The photo of the design is then forwarded to the association for judging.

  Commandant Sébastien Manzoni indicated the photo should not be a “selfie”, but taken by someone else. Additionally, the helmet must be worn while sitting on the scooter or motorbike, and not doing a wheelie.


  President of CSI Marie-Paule Rousseau indicated the competition will help young people to think more about wearing a crash helmet. Mediators and animators of the association were present and are already working in front of the schools for security and in French Quarter.

  The association is donating an average of two to three helmets per month to the youth. They are purchased from a company in Hope Estate.

  Youngsters of the district were invited to attend the session. Gendarmes of the mobile brigade and Adjutant Deborah Levez of Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade (BPDJ) also interacted with the young people.

  This brigade visits the schools on a regular basis to talk about security on the roads, prevention measures to take and to warn against the use alcohol and drugs.

  The Gendarmes told the gathering their role is not only about repression, but also about prevention, security, and interacting with the population. They also talked about careers in the Gendarmerie and what sort of jobs are available and how to go about applying.

  Photos can be submitted to CSI up to April 3, 2017. Send by e-mail to .

Source: The Daily Herald