Gendarmerie controls at schools yield banned items and drugs

MARIGOT–In recent days the Gendarmerie has confiscated many items from students during controls at three of the major schools on the French side. Many banned items that could be used as weapons were confiscated as well as drugs.

The controls were initiated due to an escalation of bad behaviour outside the schools since the end of 2017. Three separate operations were conducted at Collège Mont des Accords, the Lycée in Marigot and the Robert Weinum Cité Scolaire in La Savane.
The controls mobilized 35 gendarmes from different units; the juvenile delinquency brigade, the canine unit and the brigade 46/7 from Dole.
Some 500 students were searched during the controls as well as five school busses. Among the items confiscated were 27 afro combs which are strictly forbidden to be taken into school. The identities of students possessing these banned items were made known to the school principals for subsequent punishment.
Also confiscated was a knife with a 12-inch blade, an American-type knuckle duster and several scissors with sharpened ends. Several sachets of cannabis and joints were seized, and a screwdriver. One minor, not attending school, was held for verbal abuse and rebellion against an officer of the law.
The Gendarmerie noted all the controls took place peacefully, and either the principal of the school or a deputy was present for each operation.

Source: The Daily Herald