Gendarmerie dealing with flurry of armed robberies

MARIGOT–Two small Chinese supermarkets in Sandy Ground were robbed in quick succession on Friday night, Commandant Sébastien Manzoni disclosed Sunday.

An individual with face concealed and carrying a gun entered the first supermarket between 7:00 and 8:00pm and held the cashier at gunpoint before stealing around 100 in euros and US dollars then escaping on foot. The individual then proceeded to the next supermarket and robbed that one by the same method with about the same amount of money stolen.

The latest robberies follow the one on Wednesday, January 18, on Rue de Hollande where an individual wearing a mask walked into a supermarket and stole some 300 in mixed euros and US dollars. An accomplice waited outside to signal all was clear before the pair escaped on foot.

The perpetrators seem to be able to rob a supermarket at will just by brandishing a weapon, however, it is hoped close circuit cameras in the supermarkets can identify the suspects.

Manzoni said it is too early to say whether the same individuals are committing the robberies.

Source: The Daily Herald