Gendarmerie investigating vehicle thefts over weekend | THE DAILY HERALD


MARIGOT–During the night of Saturday into Sunday morning, Gendarmes intervened in two armed-robbery incidents.

The first incident took place in Grand Case around 10:00pm. Two individuals leaving a bar stole a scooter parked on the public road.

Witnesses on the scene tried to prevent the theft. One of the two thieves pulled out a weapon and fired twice but fortunately nobody was hurt. The thieves then fled with the stolen scooter.

The second incident, not related to the first, occurred at 2:45am. An individual travelling in a rental car returning home after leaving a bar on the Dutch side was overtaken by a car in Marigot which forced him to stop. Two individuals with their faces concealed exited the vehicle and forced the victim at gun point to vacate his rental car. The two then proceeded to escape with the vehicle.

The Gendarmerie’s detective section is investigating both incidents.

Source: The Daily Herald