Gendarmerie resumes annual ‘Operation Relaxed Vacation’ | THE DAILY HERALD


MARIGOT–The Gendarmerie is once again offering free surveillance service to residents and business owners during the summer and school holidays in St. Martin starting July 1.

On request, Gendarmerie and Police patrols will regularly check to see if all is in order at vacant private residences or places of business while owners are away on holiday.
“Operation Tranquillité Vacances” permits the Gendarmerie to thwart any potential burglaries.
Lt. Colonel Sébastien Manzoni at a press conference Friday predicted that many more people will be leaving the island fearful of hurricanes, thereby leaving more homes susceptible to burglaries. It is therefore particularly important to inform the Gendarmerie of one’s intended absence.
To use this service, a form must be downloaded (formulaire_otv.pdf ) which in turn has to be filled in and submitted at the Gendarmerie stations in Marigot or French Quarter or with the Territorial Police in Marigot.
Details of the house need to be filled, the dates the owner will be away, a person to contact in an emergency, etc.
Manzoni said the more details added to the form the better, such as a list of valuables, photo of the house, and details and photo of the owner’s car/s.

Source: The Daily Herald