Gendarmes controlled some 430 vehicles over Easter festivities

MARIGOT–The Gendarmerie said Tuesday it had considerably increased its presence on the roads over the long Easter weekend from Thursday, April 13, to Monday, April 17, 2017, to prevent accidents and risky behaviour.

Over five days, some 430 vehicles and 600 drivers were controlled at check points throughout the French side.

More than 30 procedures were issued, of which 17 were related to driving under the influence of alcohol. Four motorists were fined for not wearing a seat belt and seven for driving without a valid driving licence.

In addition there were 28 procedures issued for criminal offences, those were not specified. Some 22 vehicles were confiscated.

In spite of the increased presence of Gendarmes, there were five accidents in St. Martin and two in St. Barths.

In St. Martin there were two accidents caused by alcohol consumption on Sunday April 16. One person was injured and required 10 days sick leave.

Three accidents occurred on Monday, April 17, where one person was slightly injured. Alcohol was not a contributing factor to these accidents.

In St. Barths there were two accidents, one on April 16 where a Quad driver lost control of his vehicle and the other on April 17 where another Quad driver turned over due to impaired judgement through alcohol consumption. There was only material damage and no injuries.

Source: The Daily Herald