Gendarmes return car to car-jacking victim in FQ

MARIGOT–Thanks to the cooperation of the Dutch-side police, Gendarmes have been able to return a victim’s car, stolen from him in a car-jacking that took place in French Quarter earlier this week.

The victim was a baker, who had been sleeping in his car prior to starting a shift in a bakery on Coralita Road, French Quarter. He was awakened at 2:00am by a gun barrel pointed at his temple. The car thief and an accomplice forced the victim to get out of the car before driving off with it to the Belle Plaine border and the Dutch side.

Alerted by the Gendarmes, the Dutch-side police found the vehicle, a red Hyundai i10, and returned it to the Gendarmerie in La Savane, where it was examined before being returned to the grateful owner.

The victim was unhurt in the car-jacking. The two suspects are still at large.

Source: Daily Herald
Gendarmes return car to car-jacking victim in FQ