General Strike disrupts Tourism Industry

Willemstad (September 15th, 2016) – Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) is extremely concerned on the impact on our tourism industry in regards to the general strike in Curaçao.

CHATA has been communicating with its hotel members and partners since yesterday in anticipation of today’s events. All hotels have been requested to take precautionary measures to ensure optimal service to its guests.

Fact is that the current general strike has a strong impact on the tourism industry. Several hotel members have been able to counter act the situation by switching to generators for power, but this is a temporary solution. Countless hotels are also experiencing a general power outage. All of this does not contribute to the experience of our visitors as CHATA is already seeing a rise in questions and concerns from visitors in regards to the current situation.

The hotels in Curaçao are running above 70% occupancy this week which makes it imperative that this unfortunate situation gets resolved sooner than later to guarantee the level of service our members have been providing to the thousands of tourists we are hosting. 

Source: Daily Herald
General Strike disrupts Tourism Industry