General strike; Schools are closed today – Curaçao Chronicle

WILLEMSTAD – The schools are closed today. This is according to a decision of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Irene Dick due to the general strike that started today at 7am.

In a short message, the minister said that her ministry and the Council of Ministers had discussed this decision for a long time but finally decided to ask the parents not to take their children to school. The message was sent just after midnight.
It had been unclear whether the schools would be open, since many were waiting for an official announcement from the government. But during the press conference of the union centrals Errol Cova said that he would not be taking his grandchildren to school and that he would advise the same to all the parents and grandparents on the island.
The various school boards followed the minister’s recommendation and only principals stayed at the schools to ensure any children that did show up got back home safe.

Source: Daily Herald
General strike; Schools are closed today – Curaçao Chronicle