Generator failure led to load shedding on Sat.

CAY BAY–The “failure” of one of the generators at utilities company GEBE led to load shedding in several districts in the country on Saturday, July 22.

The utilities company said in a press release that it was “left with no alternative but to load shed” after the failure. Power in several districts was interrupted, in some cases on multiple occasions, during the load shedding.

Engineers at the power plant worked around the clock to have the issue with the engine rectified as another one of GEBE’s larger units is down for a major overhaul.

“Load shedding is when power is short of the demand and in order to operate the power plant [in a – Ed.] stable [manner – Ed.] there needs to be a disconnection of power in order to have the supply and the demand equal at all time with stable voltage and stable frequency,” GEBE said in the release.

The company said every effort was being made to have all issues resolved and supply stable and consistent electricity.

Source: The Daily Herald