Generator issues result in widespread outages

PHILIPSBURG–Issues with two of the biggest generators at utilities company GEBE on Tuesday resulted in outages in districts throughout the country.

  A GEBE representative told The Daily Herald last night that the company’s biggest generator tripped around mid-morning yesterday. This resulted in several areas being without power.

Later in the day the second biggest generator also tripped. GEBE was then forced to load shed the various districts, taking the power for 90 minutes at a time, as technicians worked to resolve the problem. The issues with the two generators were resolved and the load-shedding was discontinued by 7:30pm.

  Areas affected included Lowlands, Cupecoy, Cole Bay, Cay Bay, Pelican, Saunders, Cay Hill, Belvedere, Dutch Quarter, Oyster Pond, Dawn Beach, Longwall Road up to the VROMI building, Over the Bank and Madame Estate.

Source: Daily Herald
Generator issues result in widespread outages