Geotechnical survey for Saba harbour renovation | THE DAILY HERALD

Employees of Dutch company Geotron carrying out geotechnical surveys at Fort Bay Harbour.


SABA–Soil investigation for the renovation of Fort Bay Harbour started recently. Dutch company Geotron, experienced in geotechnical surveys with experience in the Caribbean region, is carrying out the investigation.

Geotron is to determine the composition of soil in the harbour basin by drilling cores from designated locations in the sea bottom.

Supervising this procedure is engineering company Witteveen and Bos, which is involved with possible scenarios for the renovation of Saba’s harbour.

The drilling will take about 15 days in total, with the results of the soil investigation planned to be ready by next month. These are to determine the technical possibilities for the construction of the breakwater and thereby form an essential basis for the final scope of the project, Saba Government Information Services stated.

Depending on the results of the soil investigation the construction contract for this major project may be awarded in the first half of 2019.

Later this month project manager Ton van der Plas will be in Saba to speak with stakeholders and make preparations for parts of the project that could already start this year, such as stabilisation of the hillside adjacent to the pier and relocation of coral.

Saba Conservation Foundation is already working on a plan to relocate coral in the harbour area to the coral nursery in Ladder Bay.

Source: The Daily Herald