Gibbs denounces ‘extremism’ of Le Pen, supports Macron

MARIGOT–President of the Collectivité Daniel Gibbs urged French-side voters to make a major effort to turn up at the polls on Saturday for the second round of the Presidential election, to make amends for the shockingly-low turnout in the first round two weeks ago.

He said exasperation or deception felt by citizens on political issues should not be an excuse for not voting, reminding the population that voting is not only a civic duty but a Republican value.

“The situation is serious,” he said in a statement. “For the second time in the history of the fifth Republic, the National Front has made it into the second round of the Presidential Election. I am staying faithful to my political family of the right and centre.

“I am against the extremism of Marine Le Pen and the major danger that the National Front represents for the unity of France. On Saturday I will be voting for Emmanuel Macron.”

The 19 polling stations are open from 8:00am to 7:00pm on Saturday.

Source: The Daily Herald