Gibbs: Fillon only candidate to meet France’s challenges

MARIGOT–President of the Territorial Council Daniel Gibbs has expressed his reasons for supporting scandal-hit Presidential candidate François Fillon in the first round of the national election this weekend.

“The ongoing attacks against the candidate of the right and centre for several weeks should not make us lose sight of what is essential,” he said. “What do we want for the future of our country? In my opinion a strong policy is needed to drive the necessary national recovery.

“François Fillon’s experience and great strength of character, in my eyes, makes him the only candidate to meet the challenges in a France, weakened by five years of socialism.

“I am loyal to the right – my political family – for the future of the overseas territories as well. The programme proposed by the right is the only one to show the realism and pragmatism that our territories desperately need.

“It’s a programme that I invite voters in St. Martin to consult on the eve of the first round of the Presidential Elections. It is composed of strong measures that will allow our territories to get out of the economic crisis but also the social problems that have been facing us for years.”

Gibbs added Fillon proposes more funds for security and for justice. St. Martin would finally benefit from a jurisdiction to share with the hope for a prison in St. Martin, a subject that has been shelved for the past five years. The strengthened fight against illegal immigration at land and maritime borders also appears in the right-wing agenda.

“To effectively combat unemployment, the candidate of the right and centre wants to give more resources to our overseas businesses, by creating a “free enterprise overseas” status but also relying on blue growth, renewable energy, natural heritage tourism development or tackling finally the issue of overseas standard,” Gibbs continued.

“He also plans to inject 2-billion euros to lower the cost of labour and job creation. I support all these measures for the development of our overseas territories. It’s time to take pride in our overseas, in finally making a brighter and more prosperous future. With the right, we will meet these challenges. I invite you to vote for François Fillon on Saturday in the first round of the Presidential Elections.”

Source: The Daily Herald