Gibbs gives green light for Boulevard bypass studies

Technical drawing of the proposed bypass for the Boulevard de Grand Case.

MARIGOT–President Daniel Gibbs has given the go-ahead for studies to begin on constructing an auxiliary road that will bypass the Boulevard of Grand Case. On-site geometrical studies are already underway as of Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

  The project aims to reduce the congestion of traffic in the centre of Grand Case by offering an alternative road and pedestrian path that will follow the edge of the pond from the airport to the outskirts of Grand Case where it will join the RN7.

  Project management and mandatory environmental studies have been entrusted to the group Artelia-CES Tropism. Studies will determine the status of the soil and other conditions ahead of the construction phases and utilities installation. This will be done by excavators. The work will be carried out by Antilles Geotechnique using the services of Didier Lake (Eurl TTGCE) and Herbert Lake (SARL GCEE).

  The project will give direct access to the airport (Grand Case), stop illegal landfilling of the Lagoon and reduce the risk of flooding in the Shanty Town.

  It is connected to two other projects: improvement of rain water evacuation to the sea in Grand Case and the new road project linking Galis Bay, Friars Bay and Grand Case.

  This first phase concerns only the feasibility studies. Start of construction will be in a second phase to be announced at a later date.

Source: The Daily Herald