Gibbs presents Collectivité Medals for Mother’s Day

MARIGOT–President Daniel Gibbs in the company of First Vice-President Valérie Damaseau presented the Collectivité Medal to three of St. Martin’s oldest and most prominent women during visits on Saturday, May 27.

The medal recipients were Yvette Fleming-Hodge (101), Yvonne Cocks (101) from French Quarter and Véronique Javois from St. James who celebrated her 99th birthday. They were also presented with bouquets of flowers.

Gibbs paid tribute to the exceptional longevity of these “doyennes” of the community, who were privileged to have grown up in a bygone age that only they have unique insight to; their memories contributing to a fascinating history of St. Martin’s culture and traditions.

“On Sunday, May 28, on behalf of the Collectivité I would like to honour all mothers,” he said. “The Territorial Council members join me in wishing them a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness. This special day is an opportunity to pay tribute to the unconditional love mothers have for their children, and for their courage and their kindness.

“We all share the love of our mother. She reassures us, protects us, guides our development, and prepares us as men and women of tomorrow. As Léon Tolstoy said when he spoke of a woman’s place: There is nothing like a sweet mother. At home, mothers are the heart of Caribbean families. I invite you to celebrate with these strong, loving and deserving women. I wish all mothers a wonderful day with their families.”

Source: The Daily Herald