Gibson to table policy limiting high salaries

PHILIPSBURG–Finance Minister Richard Gibson intends to table a policy in the Council of Ministers to limit the salaries of top executives of government-owned companies to match that of the prime minister.

Gibson told the press on Wednesday it cannot be that the members of boards and management of government companies make more than the prime minister when the head of the Cabinet has far more hefty responsibilities.

The salaries also need to be curbed due to companies suffering from the lack of performance by top management. Government should get a return on its investment, Gibson said. If there are losses, there is no basis for an executive to get a bonus, he said.
“It’s time to take a good look at this and put policies in place,” the Minister said.

Source: Daily Herald
Gibson to table policy limiting high salaries


  1. Very good initiative Min. Gibson: now to actually follow through with it. Talk is cheap.
    Also, if you really want to further close that gaping hole in your annual budget: limit the salaries of MP’s as well. Why do MP’s on SXM earn so much more than MP’s in the rest of the Dutch Kingdom??? And for what? They hardly work or produce any tangible results (in the past 6 years just a handful of Laws were passed if any). Bring them down to reflect uniformity in MP salaries across all Dutch Kingdom partners. This will have a tremendous savings for your budget, instead of always just looking to tax the small man to death while MP’s enjoy shameful bloated salaries.