Global Ocean Wildlife Analysis Network launching in Anguilla | THE DAILY HERALD

From top left: mid-water BRUVS stacked and ready for deployment, deployment off the vessel stern by Naima Lòpez, a drifting mid-water BRUVS and BRUVS disassembled at the end of the survey.

ANGUILLA–The Global Ocean Wildlife Analysis Network is soon to be launched in Anguilla. It will collect unique and important data from around the island and increase the knowledge and ability to support the protection of valuable marine environments. The programme is also to be launched across ten UK Overseas Territories.

  The new underwater network of Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVS) is a world first and is being delivered by Cefas (as part of the Blue Belt Programme), in partnership with Blue Abacus. The new cameras will be able to collect and monitor abundance and migration data on pelagic fish such as various species of tuna, wahoo and mahi mahi. The cameras will also help to collect data on the fish aggregation device (FAD) fishery and determine the importance of specific marine-protected areas to various species.

  Director of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Anguilla, Kafi Gumbs said, “The Anguillian Fisheries and Marine Resources Unit views the launch of the Global Ocean Wildlife Analysis Network as the answer to many questions and unknowns in the remote areas of Anguilla’s marine environments. The fact that the BRUVS technology is non-intrusive and the fisherfolk on the island can participate in every aspect of the project, from its introduction to deployment, data collection and analysis, is extremely exciting. We are extremely excited to welcome this new technology in the coming weeks!”

  Ultimately the data collected from the BRUVS distributed in Anguillian waters are expected to improve understanding of the marine environment by fisherfolk and fisheries managers. This will lead to greater stewardship, better management and stronger protection of Anguilla’s marine and coastal resources for future generations.

Source: The Daily Herald