Gordon Yee launches 2017 Carnival costumes

Gordon Yee, his costume engineer Rus, radio personality Dee and models sharing the stage on Sunday night.

MAHO–Long-time troupe leader Gordon Yee launched his 2017 collection of costumes at radio personality Desiree “Dee” Mago’s birthday event at new club The Refuge on Sunday. Models of all shapes and sizes showed off the seven sections presented by Yee.

Attendees had a first look at the costumes and had the chance to sign up that night. Yee’s mas camp is located in Simpson Bay close to Bada Bing nightclub.

The look of the red section. (Andrew Dick photo)

A model sporting the gold bird.

The men will not be left out, as there is a special costume for them.




The blue section of Gordon Yee 2017 costume launch.

This special bird section infuses yellow with green. (Andrew Dick photo)


A smiling model posing with another piece.


Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/63807-gordon-yee-launches-2017-carnival-costumes