Governing Programme meeting postponed until further notice

PHILIPSBURG–The long awaited Governing Programme of the red, white and blue coalition was not tabled in Parliament today. The session was postponed until further notice on Wednesday by Parliament Chairwoman Sarah Wescot-Williams.

  While no reason was given in the notice sent to Members of Parliament for the postponement, it is known that three MPs supporting the National Alliance/United St. Maarten Party/Democratic Party coalition are not in the country.

  MP Silvio Matser (US party) is in Romania. MPs Ardwell Orion and Rodolphe Samuel (NA) are in Mexico for a meeting of the Latin American Parliament Parlatino. Their absence leaves the coalition with only seven MPs, one short of a quorum.

  Had the meeting gone ahead, the coalition would have needed at least one member of the opposition United People’s (UP) party to aid with the quorum. 

Source: The Daily Herald