Government-owned companies chip in to finalise flagpole project

Bells’ Lookout Point in Cole Bay.

PHILIPSBURG–The Bells’ Lookout Point flagpole project was completed with the help of donors, including Government-owned companies TelEm Group and Princess Juliana International Airport SXM.

  Minister of Infrastructure Christophe Emmanuel recently announced that the pole project has four locations. The cost of the entire project continues to be a mystery, as details of the project were never disclosed to the public.

  The Daily Herald obtained a copy of an invoice from a local construction company charging GEBE US $35,000 for the flagpole project in Cole Bay. GEBE refused to make the payment and the Ministry managed to persuade businesses and the other Government-owned companies to contribute to the project.

  This newspaper contacted the Minister for comment on Wednesday, but received no answer.

  The project continues to draw criticism, as the flag stays on the pole throughout the night when protocol dictates that the flag is hoisted sunrise to sunset.

Source: The Daily Herald