Governor addresses nation for opening of Police Week | THE DAILY HERALD

Governor Dileeni Daniel Selvaratnam.

ANGUILLA–Governor Dileeni Daniel Selvaratnam, in a message at the beginning of Police Week, began by commending Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison for his work in Anguilla during the past five years. She noted that crime statistics show a reduction in crime and an increase in detection under his leadership. “I wish him well as he departs our shores and thank him for his commendable public service as Anguilla’s Commissioner of Police,” she said.

  The Governor referred to the Police Week theme, “A safer Anguilla when we all work together,” saying that cooperation has been and continues to be of vital importance. She said that the additional work during the past year of protecting Anguilla’s border was one of the Royal Anguilla Police Force (RAPF) biggest challenges. “The work that was done to deter and turn back those who wished to enter illegally was and is a matter of national security. Had these people been given the opportunity to enter the island illegally, firearms, illegal drugs, and of course coronavirus COVID-19 may have entered too,” she said.

  She warned about becoming complacent although crime rates in Anguilla are relatively low and Anguillians enjoy a safe and secure lifestyle compared to other islands in the Caribbean. There are many threats of gun crime, violence, and maintaining secure borders that need full attention and everyone must play a part and not hesitate to report crimes and to cooperate with the police she noted.

  “As Governor with responsibility for the police, I look forward to working closely with the Royal Anguilla Police Force as they strategically map out plans for developing police governance and accountability to deliver sustainable improvements in service and resilience to meet emerging challenges and expectations of policing. Although quarantine will keep me from enjoying the Police Week activities, I encourage others to enjoy the community spirit on offer. It is wonderful to see a force committed to such a strong, professional and close relationship with the people it serves,” the Governor said.

  “We pray for God’s continued protection over the men and women of the Royal Anguilla Police Force as they work together to keep our shores and the streets of our communities safe and free of crime,” she concluded.

Source: The Daily Herald