Governor & Chief Minister hold joint press conference

Chief Minister Victor Banks and Governor Tim Foy at the press conference.

ANGUILLA–Governor Tim Foy and Chief Minister Victor Banks held their monthly joint press conference in the Executive Council Chambers, on Tuesday, December 5. They recently returned from the Joint Ministerial Meeting held in the United Kingdom where they successfully presented their request for funding support to assist Anguilla in its recovery from the island-wide devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

  During this visit, they, along with officials from the other Overseas Territories (OTs) met Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss the effects of the hurricane on their respective territories. Anguilla stressed that due to the small size of the island and the storm’s disastrous impact on infrastructure, the entire island had been negatively impacted and was in immediate need to build back stronger and better.

  The Chief Minister praised the very detailed and dedicated preparatory work by Team Anguilla that included Minister of Home Affairs Cora Richardson-Hodge and Permanent Secretary Aidan Harrigan, stating that this was key to Anguilla receiving the bulk of the grant funds. The first two priority projects that will receive funding will be the rebuilding of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive High School and the Blowing Point seaport. Additional sources of funding for other high priority projects such as expanding and upgrading the Princess Alexandra Hospital as well as lengthening the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport’s runway are being explored.

  Additionally, the superb progress being made by ANGLEC to restore electricity was mentioned, as well as the re-opening of many villa properties and small boutique hotels. Special mention was made to offer condolences to the family of Leonardo Rizzuto, the owner and developer of the world-renowned CuisinArt and Reef hotels in Anguilla (see related story).

Source: The Daily Herald