Governor Designate in Anguilla for 2 days

Governor Christina Scott with Tim Foy, Governor Designate.


ANGUILLA–Governor Designate Tim Foy spent two days in Anguilla last week on a familiarisation visit. The Daily Herald met with him during his stay which included a packed programme of visits.

  Foy was met on his arrival by Chief Minister Victor Banks and had a good conversation with him. He met with all other ministers of Government for a lunch at Government House. Other visits included to the Acting Commissioner of Police Elliot Forbes where he toured the Police Headquarters and spoke of the role of the police. He visited Her Majesty’s Prison where he was particularly impressed finding it very positive and inspirational with guards and prisoners interacting. He also met with Deputy Governor Perin Bradley, the Financial Services Commission and the Permanent Secretaries. Another visit was to the new Fire Station currently being built at the Clayton J Lloyd Airport and is being funded by the UK Government and the Anguilla Government.

  He sees his appointment in Anguilla as an opportunity to make a real difference to the quality of life for the people. He says his interests are with the people and he will lobby for Anguilla and listen to the people’s opinions while obtaining the best for the UK and Anguilla.

  “It is a great privilege and honour to serve in Anguilla as governor as these jobs are quite unique,” he said. “I take the job very seriously and hope to take forward the work that Governor Scott has done.” He added that the interests of Anguilla are very essential in his role.

  Foy is a career civil servant and is currently serving in the Home Office where he has worked primarily on counter terrorism issues. For two years he was the lead official in the private office of the then Home Secretary Theresa May. Prior to his current role he spent several years in the Cabinet Office National Security Secretariat, and before that he was with the UK Department for International Development for 20 years and lived and worked in many countries around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Uganda and Lesotho.

 He will be accompanied to Anguilla by his wife of 28 years, Dina, a medical doctor who he met in 1987 while working in a refugee camp in Sudan. The couple have two children, Dan, a civil servant and Joe, a university student who will be spending some time in Anguilla during holiday periods. Foy said that his wife will certainly have an impact in Anguilla, but he could not speak for her.

Source: The Daily Herald