Governor Foy hosts reception

Governor Foy talking to some of his guests.

ANGUILLA–Hours after taking the oath of office, Governor Foy hosted a welcoming reception at Government House for a cross-section of Anguilla’s residents. Attending were elected Government ministers and Government officials and public servants as well as representatives from the business community, the clergy, and civil society.  Guests enjoyed music provided by Dumpa on the steel pan. Deputy Governor Perin Bradley welcomed the new Governor and advised him to take time to get to know the people of Anguilla, stating that the island has a unique charm with proud and passionate people. He wished the Governor well, saying that all present were interested in building a better Anguilla which required a strong partnership based on mutual respect and trust.

  The Governor welcomed all present, saying that he would continue the practice of the previous Governor Christina Scott by continuing to open Government House to the people of Anguilla as well as getting out to meet and listen to people. He stated that his wife would be joining him in the near future. He said his goal was to bring joy to the people of Anguilla by listening and understanding the issues of the island and then doing his best to represent its interests with the United Kingdom in order to get what is needed. He commended the Chief Minister Victor Banks and his staff in securing a successful resolution for Cap Juluca as well as working to attract business with private industry which will benefit the future of Anguilla. 

Source: The Daily Herald