Governor Foy outlines three principles he aims to achieve

Governor of Anguilla Tim Foy.


ANGUILLA–At the swearing-in of new Governor Tim Foy he said that it is with genuine pleasure and pride that he took the oath and starts his duties as Governor. He outlined three principles which he said he will strive to bring to his role as Governor.

  The first is that he and his wife want to listen and understand Anguilla and its people, to know its history and details of the Revolution and its heroes, especially the late James Ronald Webster. He said they also want to understand people’s current concerns and priorities and how they can best be achieved as well as people’s aspirations for the future and what they want Anguilla to be like in five, 10, and 20 or more years.

  His second aim is to work hard on two partnerships for the benefit of Anguilla. One partnership is with Chief Minister Victor Banks and his Government by building a genuine, mutually respectful and constructive partnership.

“More broadly, whilst my primary role is to lead the Government in Anguilla for Anguillians, not to represent the UK in Anguilla, I will work to strengthen the long-standing partnership – one which exists at many levels – between our people.

  “The next few years will be challenging. We will need to see how negotiations on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union evolve and to understand and respond to any implications for Anguilla. I will engage closely with London on this important issue, and I will do so with Anguilla’s interest firmly at heart, and I will be open with you on those discussions.”

  He said he will continue efforts to reduce crime and in particular violent and gang-related crime. “The freedom to go about one’s life without fear is a right not a privilege,” he said. “I commend the professionalism and bravery of the Royal Anguilla Police Force in its work and will work closely with them and other organisations in reaching out and offering an alternative path to young people.”

  The third principle the Governor is aiming for is to build a strong economy which creates jobs and supports quality public services. He said he will work closely with the Government and the private sector for this and hopes to build an environment that will demonstrate to investors and donors that Anguilla’s economy is built on solid foundations, that its banking system is robust and regulation of the business sector is effective, transparent, consistent and fair.

  He ended by saying, “I will be guided by facts, not preconception or prejudice. And I will be driven by a desire to do the right thing, not just the expedient. I will also be guided by my conscience and my faith. Let’s go to work and God bless Anguilla.”

Source: The Daily Herald