Governor heads group meeting with St. Martin Préfète Déléguée | THE DAILY HERALD

Officials from St. Martin and Anguilla at the meeting.

ANGUILLA–Last week Governor Tim Foy hosted a bilateral meeting with a delegation from French St. Martin led by Préfète Déléguée Sylvia Feucher. The discussions centred on ways in which improvements can be made by sharing information between the two jurisdictions.

  The fight against gun crime and the movement of criminal elements between the islands was top on the agenda and the discussions have resulted in several agreements concerning the exchange of information between the Royal Anguilla Police Force and the Police aux Frontières and the Gendarmerie.

  Maritime cooperation and obligation to meet international standards at the ports and on vessels between the islands was also a major focus. The meeting noted the progress on the operational improvements currently taking place at the ports of Marigot and Blowing Point. A positive outcome of the meeting was the agreement in principle by the French Préfecture to support the resumption of a night ferry service between Marigot and Blowing Point.

Source: The Daily Herald