Governor hosts honourees at Women’s Day Reception | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Ronya Foy-Connor, 10 of the 14 “Women of Faith, Hope and Love” honourees, Dr. Dina Foy and Governor Tim Foy.

ANGUILLA–Governor Foy and his wife Dina hosted an evening reception at their residence for the honourees, coordinators and contributors to Anguilla’s week-long celebration of Women’s Week 2019. The fourteen honourees were nominated and recognised by the Anguillian community under the theme “Women of Faith, Hope and Love” for their unusual acts of faith, standing firm with hope in the face of adversity, and unconditional love despite the obstacles.

Gender Development Coordinator at the Ministry of Social Development, Ronya Foy Connor thanked the governor and his wife for hosting the reception in honour of Women’s Week 2019 and held on International Women’s Day. She said, “This has been a wonderful week. The turn-out for this year’s events has been the largest ever. This speaks to the diversity of the interesting and timely activities, to include discussions in the areas of sexual health and domestic violence.”

Governor Foy congratulated all the honourees, adding, “This is the time when we come together to recognise the achievements made by women. We also pause to recognise the struggle for women’s equality; the right to vote, to work, to be respected and not to be violated. In many countries this has been a long legal struggle to obtain. Even today in some countries women face discrimination in the courts, not being able to take advantage of things that we take for granted. The continuing struggle to change institutionalised gender discrimination is so important and needs to go onwards and upwards.”

Dr. Foy added that it was an honour to host the reception. Both she and the governor had spent time earlier in the day listening to some of the stories of the honourees’ challenges, adversities and struggles. She said, “It is remarkable how these women came through their struggles, how they grew and used their experiences to help others in their communities.”

Source: The Daily Herald