Governor hosts Queen’s official birthday reception | THE DAILY HERALD

Prison Officers who received their 10-year Overseas Territories Prison Service Medal.

A toast to Queen Elizabeth II – from left: Commissioner of Police, Superintendent of Prisons, Governor and Mrs. Foy.


ANGUILLA–Thirteen uniformed prison officers were awarded the Colonial Prison Service Medal, known now as the Overseas Territories Prison Service Medal, at Government House on Friday, June 8, commemorating ten years or more of service with Her Majesty’s Prison Anguilla. The medal award ceremony and the following sunset ceremony were included in the official birthday reception for Queen Elizabeth II.

Governor Tim Foy welcomed the invited guests representing a broad cross-section of government and private enterprise personnel, as well as representatives from many active volunteer organisations. He opened the evening by saying, “This has been a difficult year for Anguilla in many ways, and on occasions the relationship with the United Kingdom (UK) had its moments. However, the relationship between Anguilla and the UK has remained strong and in many ways, has grown stronger. Anguilla was never far from Her Majesty’s thoughts. She was saddened to hear of the death of Sir Emile Gumbs, whom she knighted in this residence, and was shocked at the devastation to the island caused by Hurricane Irma.”

The Governor then took the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the many government and non-government personnel who serve Anguilla daily: the Police Force, prison officers, health professionals, educators, all the civil servants serving the public as well as the many volunteer organisations on the island. He also thanked his Deputy, Perin Bradley and the entire Government House staff.

Superintendent of Prisons, Carice Sasso then acknowledged the 13 prison officers receiving medals. She said, “We are pleased with the work that they do to serve and protect the public. The award that they will receive tonight [Friday – Ed.] was established in 1955, and is awarded for 10 years or more of service for all ranks across the prison systems in the Overseas Territories. We take pride in continuing this tradition into the 21st century as we celebrate the importance of public service. We are grateful for all the support received over the years from the UK government and the government of Anguilla.”

Following the medal and ceremonial flag sunset ceremonies, wine glasses were raised and the Governor offered an official toast to Her Majesty the Queen.

Source: The Daily Herald