Governor, premier stress importance of keeping Anguilla’s borders closed | THE DAILY HERALD

 ANGUILLA–In a press release, Governor Tim Foy and Premier Ellis Webster note that a voice clip has been heard encouraging people from St. Maarten/St. Martin to come to Anguilla for August Monday. There is no usual August Monday beach party and Anguilla’s borders are closed until October 31.  The release states that the regulations prohibiting the movement of all boats in Anguilla’s waters, other than those approved by the Police Commissioner, remain in force and any vessel attempting to land in Anguilla will be intercepted and turned back by the authorities, using force if necessary.

It also states that the sea and air patrols already operating to protect Anguilla’s borders from illegal boat landings, will be significantly strengthened on August Monday.

“COVID-19 has caused great disruption and economic hardship to Anguilla. We will not allow the selfish and reckless actions of anyone – no matter where they are – to make worthless the sacrifices Anguillians have made to protect our island from the virus,” the release states.

Anguillians are being assured that the authorities are determined to protect the borders, the island’s security and the people’s health. “We want anyone thinking of crossing the water to Anguilla not to do so, but also to be in no doubt that should you attempt to cross you will be turned back.”

Source: The Daily Herald