Governor to decide today on next step in Govt. formation

HARBOUR VIEW–Governor Eugene Holiday will take a decision on the next step in the formation process today, Friday, based on the new red, white and blue coalition agreement signed on Wednesday.

The new coalition of the National Alliance (NA), Democratic Party (DP) and United St. Maarten Party has pushed NA’s former coalition partner the United People’s (UP) party into opposition. The reason for the new coalition has been given in the red, white and blue agreement as the NA/UP coalition not resulting in ministers taking office.

Governor’s Cabinet stated in a press release on Thursday night that Holiday met with “various parties, including the Vice Chairperson of the Council of Advice, to discuss the actual political situation regarding the formation of a new government.”

Parliamentary Elections were held on September 26 and the NA/UP coalition was formed just hours after the results were announced in the wee hours of September 27. The coalition has already submitted its 2016-2020 Governing Programme titled “Stability,” to the Governor and was in the process of screening minister candidates when the new coalition came into place.

Source: The Daily Herald