Governor urges: Always seek to uplift each other

HARBOUR VIEW–“As we appreciate our many blessings and the good in our society, let us not ignore the ills of and the less fortunate in our community. And in doing so hasten to spread our blessings, by nurturing a friendly, gracious St. Maarten of: you for me, and we for us,” said Governor Eugene Holiday in his Christmas message to the community.

“As we gather with family and friends this Christmas and prepare for 2017, I encourage you to embrace the season’s enduring power of renewing grace now and into the New Year with the purpose of uplifting and perfecting our society,” said the Governor.

“As you celebrate among family, friends and others, enjoying, reminiscing cherished beautiful traditions, with delightful guavaberry, sorrel, tarts, pudding or cakes, surrounded by soothing carols, let us embrace the uplifting power of the season one to another,” he said.

He further added: “Jesus’ birth brought us a promise of new optimism through its uplifting spirit of enduring renewal. A profound, ever renewing positive source to fuel good. The season is as such a reminder to be gracious and ask ourselves each day: what good thing can I do today? And in asking that question move to live uplifting lives doing good.

“This by helping and caring for those in need, teaching positive values against violence, protecting our environment, building brotherhood and sharing opportunities, towards creating a more profound positive community.

“In doing so let the spirit of renewing grace guide you to refresh your daily perspectives and actions towards your family, friends, colleagues, visitors, government and our country based on the principle: Do unto others as you will have them do unto you. Always seeking to uplift each other and our St. Maarten society,” he said.

Source: The Daily Herald