Governor visits Post Office, promises improvements | THE DAILY HERALD

Staff at the Post Office preparing to deliver parcels to customers.

ANGUILLA–Governor Tim Foy has seen the need to significantly expand the Post Office building during 2019. This follows a visit he made to the facility on Friday along with Deputy Governor Perin Bradley, when they saw just how busy the Post Office was.

  Foy expressed thanks to the customers for their patience and to the staff of the Post Office and the Customs Department for making sure that all parcels were cleared as quickly as possible.

  “Queues are inevitable at busy times, but we need to ensure these are kept to a minimum. That’s why we are working closely with the Post Office and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Communications to significantly expand the Post Office building in the course of 2019 so that the Post Office can give the service it wants to give to its valued customers. I’m grateful to the UK government for providing the funding to achieve this,” Foy said. He noted that the Deputy Governor is also working with colleagues to streamline procedures to make the best possible use of new technology.

   The governor also recognised how busy the port of Road Bay has been at this time and extended appreciation to the public for their patience and to the hard work of the Anguilla Air and Sea Port Authority (AASPA) and Customs staff at the ports. “But we need to deliver on AASPA’s well thought through plans to expand capacity at Road Bay and to improve access to and from the port. These plans are well advanced and I’m pleased to say that the UK government funding is in place to allow this important development to proceed. I look forward to continuing to work closely with AASPA, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Communications and Minister Curtis Richardson to get this work started as quickly as possible in 2019,” he said.

  Foy noted that Friday was one of the busiest days he had seen in Anguilla as people set about their final preparations for the holidays. He said it was very encouraging to see how the economy had bounced back so quickly and looked very different from Christmas in 2017.

Source: The Daily Herald