Govt. increases motor-fuel prices

PHILIPSBURG–As of Thursday, October 12, at 6:00am, the maximum consumer prices for unleaded gasoline and gasoil (diesel fuel) will be increased by three cents and eleven cents, respectively.

The Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication cites “ongoing developments on the international level” as “prices of crude oil have experienced adjustments upward” for unleaded gasoline and diesel as reason for the price increase.
As of Thursday, the price at the pumps for unleaded gasoline will be increased from the current NAf. 1.915 per litre to the new price of NAf. 1.947 per litre.
The prices of diesel fuel will go up from NAf. 1.378 to NAf. 1.487 per litre.
The Government of St. Maarten regulates the prices of petroleum products by imposing a maximum price at which wholesalers and retailers can sell these products on St. Maarten.
The public announcement concerning the price change of petroleum products, which was sent out late Tuesday afternoon, did not give any indication as to whether the passing of Hurricanes Irma and Maria had any influence on the prices for motor fuel.

Source: The Daily Herald