Govt. ‘pro- rather than reactive’ with Isaac | THE DAILY HERALD

POND ISLAND–A “pro-active nature” rather than reactive response was the path chosen in relation to Tropical Storm Isaac by government via the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), said Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin on Friday morning.

  Government along with its 10 Emergency Support Functions and other entities “will continue to prepare and build our resources to handle other potential hazards and natural disasters.

This is the way forward in building a disaster-resilient nation,” said the prime minister.

  She also commented in her review on the “very good coordination” between the Dutch side government and the Prefecture and Collectivite of St. Martin with information sharing. “I look forward to future positive cooperation with our counterparts in the north.”

  The assistance of the Dutch Royal Marines was requested by government as a precautionary measure. Marines stationed in the country and from Aruba worked with local law enforcement to man checkpoints based on an operational plan prepared by Police. “There was great cooperation between both entities,” said the prime minister.

  “I am grateful for the teamwork that was displayed in the days leading up to the passing of Isaac,” the prime minister added in her public address.   

  Prior to the storm passing south of the country, government called for schools to shut down on Thursday. All Dutch side schools with the exception of private Learning Unlimited Preparatory School closed their doors.

  The weather system did not adversely affect the local area, causing only very rough seas, sporadic rain showers and some winds.

  Residents are cautioned by the prime minister to continue to be vigilant for the remainder of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which ends November 30. She called both the brushes with Tropical Storm Beryl in early July and Isaac “an exercise in hurricane preparedness and every individual, homeowner, and business have a responsibility to make sure that they are prepared and ready to take action when called to do so.”

  EOC convened on Friday morning at 9:00am to review the response to Isaac for which the Tropical Storm Watch for St. Maarten was discontinued on Thursday afternoon by the Meteorological Department of St. Maarten. EOC was officially deactivated at the end of the meeting.

Source: The Daily Herald