Govt. requests extension of early recovery funding

POND ISLAND–Government has requested an extension of early recovery project funding from the Dutch Government. The extension is crucial for preparation ahead of the Atlantic hurricane season, which starts on June 1.

Finance Minister Michael “Mike” Ferrier said on Wednesday that funding is needed to purchase more radios for the Fire Department, upgrade the 911 emergency system and remove the debris piled up at the “Irma” dumpsite on Pond Island. These are items that cannot wait for the trust fund to be held by the World Bank to be formed and become operational.

The need for more immediate funding was expounded on in meetings Ferrier and Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin had in the Netherlands last week with Dutch State Secretary for Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops and Recovery Coordinator Hans Liejtens.

The drafting of a priority list for submission to the Netherlands is nearing completion. The additional funding for the extension will also come from Dutch Recovery Fund as the initial seven million euros for ongoing early projects.

Aside from recovery funding, Government has also requested assistance from the Dutch Tax Department with the upgrade of the country’s tax system. That help will come in the form of technical assistance.

Source: The Daily Herald