Govt. services shut down due to yet another cyber attack



POND ISLAND–Residents and businesspeople were greeted by closed doors at the Government Administration Building on Pond Island this morning due to what is said to be yet another cyberattack on the administration’s IT network.

   Government has not yet official acknowledged the cyberattack or issued a public statement about the reason for the shutting down of government public services, including payment of taxes and procurement of identity documents.  

  Government has been the target of at least three known cyberattacks in under two years. Efforts were said to have been taken to reduce and even eliminate the possibility of this reoccurring. This now appears to not be the case.

  This cyberattack comes on the heels of the cloning of both Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin and Justice Minister Cornelius de Weever Facebook pages in the past two weeks. Where those clones are related to this most recent cyberattack is unknown.

  The cloning of the two pages were reported by government and the two ministers to Facebook. The Prime Minister’s, in particular, was said to have been put in the hands of the National Security Service VDSM to investigate.


Source: The Daily Herald


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