Govt. to seek amicable end to dump management contract


POND ISLAND–Government is seeking to “amicably terminate” its contract with current dump management company Robelto and Sons B.V. citing inability to properly manage and secure the constantly burning dump in the centre of the country.

Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Minister Miklos Giterson said on Wednesday the effort to end the contract is based on the Government Accountants Bureau SOAB report that cited the bid was too low. The amount for which the contract was awarded over two years ago is seen as highly insufficient to manage and secure the landfill.

According to Giterson, both sides – the then National Alliance (NA)-led government and the contractor – “knew they could not execute the task.”
“We still have to discuss with that what will happen,” with the existing contract, Giterson said.


St. Maarten Recycling N.V. and VROMI are working to restructure the daily operations and management of the landfill. Efforts will be made to start separating garbage for recycling and other purposes.

The dump will now only be accessible to registered garbage haulers. Giterson said the French side is offering one month free dumping at its Anse Marcel site. He urged all haulers of French-side garbage to take their loads there and not opt to come to the Dutch side. “Dump the French-side garbage on the French landfill.”

Extra security has been placed at the Dutch-side dump to halt trespassers.
Dealing with the constant landfill fire, Giterson said the approach is “letting the fire burn out in a controlled manner in areas where the water cannot reach. This served to stop the fire from reaching other part of the dump.”
While the fire continues to burn, “it remains contained thanks to the efforts of our Fire Department,” he said.

“We are finally continuing to cover the garbage with fill to prevent fire,” Giterson said. The fill now in use was brought from St. Barths as a local supply was not available.
Investigations into the fire are still ongoing.

Permanent and viable solutions “are on the way to deal with this health hazard,” Giterson said. A waste project manager is to be appointed by government before October.
Off the dump, the garbage hauler for the Cul de Sac basin has not complied with his contract, according to Giterson. The non-provision of garbage collection service has left the neighbourhoods of St. Peters, St. John’s Estate and Ebenezer in the stink. A new hauler has been sent to do the job.

Source: The Daily Herald