Gracita: Voters wanted change; hopes new MPs work for people

PHILIPSBURG–People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA) leader Gracita Arrindell says she “sincerely” hopes the country’s new Parliament-elect “holds its oath and promises made to the people high and in good standing.”

Her hope was delivered along with her congratulations to the four parties that earned seats in Parliament and her thanks to her party’s supporters in a press statement on Tuesday.
The 280 voters who opted for PPA “expressed their hope for real change and stability by casting their ballots in support of PPA’s vision and its candidates,” she said.
PPA was one of two parties in Monday’s snap election that did not gain a seat in the 15-seat Parliament.
“Our message aimed at encouraging the electorate to go out and vote for real change in spite of their sentiments against having new elections in less than 18 months clearly fell short. We must respect the choice of those who made the effort to cast their vote on the party of their choice. The outcome is clear,” she said. “Regrettably, we did not succeed to convincingly sway the electorate to cast their vote and support in favour of stability and prosperity for all of our people.”
PPA will “remain steadfast” in its conviction that “PPA’s vision can and will make a lasting positive difference in the lives of our people,” she said.

Source: The Daily Herald