Graduating students prepare to leave island for university


MARIGOT–The Collectivité’s Service Jeunesse in conjunction with the Pelicarus Association organised its annual information forum “Successful Departure” in the Chamber of Commerce, Concordia, on Monday to which many students attended.

Students who have obtained their Baccalaureate or other diplomas are preparing to leave the island for further studies abroad in Guadeloupe, Martinique, or France or to attend university. The forum is set up with a number of information stands to help students and parents get their questions answered and administrative paperwork completed.

Information is typically given on living abroad in France, with advice on transportation, student housing, libraries, health, sports, activities, where to go shopping, restaurants, how to apply for student discounts and passes etc., availability of student jobs, different courses and study opportunities, personal safety, how to write a Curriculum Vitae etc.


Occasionally students who are already studying abroad are invited to speak about their experiences and give advice. Pelicarus board members were also on hand to give advice to students.

“For some students it is their first time going abroad to live, so there is quite a bit of anxiety and also among the parents who will not see their children for quite some time, so our job is to reassure them and tell them all they need to know,” explained Gaël Gombs, former President of the Junior Territorial Council and one of the seven founding members of Pelicarus.

Formed three years ago, Pelicarus is an association run by former students and specifically set up to help students. The association has partners in some of the major cities in France and also works with students in St. Maarten. The association develops projects and its membership is continuing to grow, to some 40 members, Gombs disclosed.

Source: The Daily Herald