Grand Carnival Parade fills Marigot with vivid colours | THE DAILY HERALD

Bacchanal Storm, again a contender for Best Choreography, performs on Rue de La République during Sunday’s Grand Carnival Parade in Marigot on Sunday.  (Robert Luckock photo)


MARIGOT–The Grand Carnival Parade took place in Marigot on Sunday in perfect weather conditions, producing another colourful spectacle enjoyed by many spectators lining the parade route. Many in the crowd were wearing pink hats distributed by sponsor Canal Box promo girls. 

  The parade was short and sweet with just four troupes participating, the low number attributed to the same circumstances that affected the Children’s Parade participation a week earlier: the social unrest in December and subsequent strikes.

  The procession started at the Agrément roundabout as usual, proceeding along Rue de Hollande, Rue de La République, Rue de la Liberté, Rue Kennedy, Rue Lowtown, Bellevue, and returning along Rue de Hollande to finish on the waterfront.

  The troupes in order were Kiskeya presenting “Warriors”, a large troupe of three sections, followed by Caribe, a mixture of several costumed performers. The third troupe was Reveil presenting “Débloke”. Bringing up the rear was the show-stopping troupe Bacchanal presenting “Vibe-Ration Eruption”.

  On the judging panel were Edouardo Radjouki, Jessica Hamlet and Leela Hanson-Connor. Fabiana Richardson and Deyon Bell were judges for choreography.

  Troupes are judged on punctuality, overall impact, originality, discipline and presentation, theme, performance and craftsmanship for a total of 90 points. For the choreography they are judged on performance, creativity, synchronisation, cohesion, coordination, timing and impact on the public for a total of 70 points.

  The parade included the winners and runners-up from the two Carnival Queen contests on Saturday night, and cars presented by Motorworld.

  The festivities were due to continue on the waterfront stage Sunday evening with DJ Siwoo, Infusion from Anguilla, Grand Masters from St. Kitts and Da Big Bad XP Band from St. Martin.

  The parades have been made possible thanks to the Collectivité, St. Martin Tourism Office, Canal Box, Motorworld, Caribe, J&B, Sound Masters and the judges.

Source: The Daily Herald