Grand Case comes alive with launch of Les Mardis | THE DAILY HERALD

At the launch of Les Mardis de Grand Case on Tuesday were (from left) Georges Greaux (Caribbean Liquors and Tobacco), Philippe Morel (Dauphin Telecom), organiser Chantal Vernusse, St. Martin Tourism Office President Valérie Damaseau, Tourism Office Vice-President Alex Pierre, and Junior Minister of Tourism Aneesa Hardat. (Robert Luckock photo)


MARIGOT–Grand Case welcomed thousands of tourists and locals to the Boulevard on Tuesday evening for the launch of the eighteenth edition of Les Mardis de Grand Case, a programme of twelve consecutive Tuesday nights for the enjoyment of the public.

  Throngs of mostly tourists were seen strolling back and forth along the Boulevard browsing the many exhibitor stands even by early evening. The street fair typically displays arts and crafts stands, locally-made products and vendors selling local delicacies. Music, parades and Carnival dancers add to the atmosphere, and restaurants and Lolos are always full. Security is assured with the presence of Gendarmes and Police.

  Present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony were the main sponsors, Caribbean Liquors and Tobacco’s Managing Director Georges Greaux, Dauphin Telecom’s Marketing Director Philippe Morel and other partners who each year make this event so successful. Welcome remarks were given by St. Martin Tourism Office President Valerie Damaseau and the event organiser Chantal Vernusse, President of Calypso Events.

  Tourism Office Vice-President Alex Pierre and Junior Minister of Tourism Aneesa Hardat were also present.

  Caribbean Liquors and Tobacco has been a main sponsor of the event right from the beginning. Greaux said in his remarks: “This has always been a great event for us. It’s good to see Grand Case slowly coming back and more restaurants open. It’s very important to have this event to support the local businesses and population.

  “It’s a really special event and I highly recommend coming here on Tuesdays. I also want to congratulate Chantal and her team for organising it year in and year out. It’s not easy and a lot of work.”

  Chantal said she was delighted with the turnout. “It’s very pleasing to see the happy faces, the music, people dancing, the smells, the lights, the ambience, and creative artisans sharing their passion with the public.”

  Organisers said they had an official count of 5,100 visitors for the first Tuesday, a figure that bodes well for the remainder of the programme. Once the ribbon-cutting and speeches were completed the first parade “Celebration 2020” got underway.

  Organisers are presenting parades with a different theme for each Tuesday night this year. The parade for Tuesday, February 11, is “Love.”

Source: The Daily Herald