Gumbs wins NY trip with TelTV Triple Play offer | THE DAILY HERALD

TelTV prize-winner Marinka Gumbs (second left) and son Christopher Rogers (left) with TelTV representatives Naeem Dupersoy (centre) and Cheryl Rismay (right) and ticket sponsor Kisha Khemchandani of KK Travel (second right).

PHILIPSBURG–Mother and son Marinka Gumbs and Christopher Rogers were over the moon Thursday when a TelTV crew made a personal call at their Betty’s Estate home to tell them they had won the TelTV all-expenses paid trip to New York.

The Grant Thornton senior consultant was caught completely by surprise thanks to some behind-the-scenes plotting by the TelTV crew and Gumbs’ mother, who kept the secret right to the moment of announcement.

Gumbs subscribed to TelTV as a new customer during the special introductory offer in July and, like scores of others, was entered in a raffle contest. She was attracted by the Triple Play offer which added TV to the landline and mobile services she already had with TelEm Group.

KK Travel Managing Director Krisha Khemchandani presented the air tickets to Gumbs. “I am very happy to see how pleased you are with your prize, and that KK Travel and TelTV together can bring you some joy and, we hope, a fantastic vacation break,” said Khemchandani.

Gumbs had resigned herself to a “staycation” with the family and son Christopher, because resources were just not there to take a trip New York as she had hoped. “Now I can take the trip with Christopher. It’s really a dream come true,” she said.

TelTV representatives Cheryl Rismay and Naeem Dupersoy were on hand for the prize delivery. “It ended up being a happy end to this promotion with a well-deserved winner,” said Rismay. “It was a joy to see the expression of surprise and joy on Marinka’s face when she opened the door and saw the TelTV crew waiting outside with the good news.”

TelEm Group says the number of TelTV subscribers is continuing to grow as more and more homes and commercial properties complete restoration and repairs.

“We recently transformed an area in the main building lobby into a ‘home theatre’ so that customers and families could come and experience what viewing of TelTV would be like in their home. This attracted a lot of interest and many new subscribers in the process,” said Sales and Marketing Officer Rismay.

The promotion far surpassed sales targets by the time it closed.

“It is very exciting news for us and leaves us encouraged by this clear indication that our subscribers are putting their trust in us to deliver this new TV service to them. We are proud and grateful for that trust,” said Rismay.

TelTV promotions will continue throughout the year.

Source: The Daily Herald