Health Authority of Anguilla lays out purpose and goals of its Foundation | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Evans McNiel Rogers, Stanley Reid, Brett Hodge, Maeza Demis-Adams, Jacqueline Ruan and Fiona Curtis.

 ANGUILLA–Governor Tim Foy says the recent establishment of a Health Foundation is an important initiative for Anguilla. A soft launch was held for the Health Authority of Anguilla (HAA) Foundation, which was registered on February 20, and the council members were introduced.

  Foundation President Stanley Reid said, “The goal of the HAA Foundation is to assist in closing the gap between the health needs and desires of the community and the capacity to meet these needs and desires. The needs and desires of the Anguilla health sector outstrip the capacity of the public purse to adequately address them.”

 The Foundation, which will be registered in the state of Delaware, United States, is in the process of completing the requirements necessary to gain 501(c)3 status which will allow tax-free monetary contributions from donors in the US. McNiel Rogers said, “This arrangement will enable the Foundation’s goal of facilitating the acquisition of funds to assist in the building of a planned modern health care facility capable of meeting the health care needs of Anguillians, residents and visitors. Generating philanthropic support for not-for-profit health care will promote and increase [accessibility of – Ed.] patient care programmes to anyone, regardless of ability to pay, as well as bolster infrastructure, personnel training and equipment modernisation.”

  Rogers also thanked the British government for its continuing monetary assistance as well as local and foreign individuals, local businesses and social clubs that continue to contribute towards the improvement of health care on the island. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Maeza Demis-Adams added, “Our facilities were devastated last year as a result of Hurricane Irma, and our immediate needs are to build back the facilities even more resilient, and to focus on our primary health care. We are rebuilding with the help of the British government. Health care is a human right, and we have to incorporate quality of care to meet the requirements [of] the people of Anguilla as identified by health trends.” She added that some of the most successful regional health initiatives have been spearheaded by private/public initiatives.

 Governor Foy said, “The United Kingdom government is committed to the full rehabilitation of the Princess Alexandria Hospital.” He commended all the work being done and said, “The important thing is how we continue to invest in our health services. The contributions of the public and private sector though an organisation like the HAA Foundation is critical. This is an important initiative.”

  Members of the Executive are President Reid, Vice President Brett Hodge, Secretary Maeza Demis-Adams, Treasurer Jacqueline Ruan and members Fiona Curtis, Fabian Marcel Fahie and Maxine Herbert Duggins.

Source: The Daily Herald