Health ministry to start fogging on Monday

PHILIPSBURG–The Health Ministry’s Collective Prevention Services (CPS) will begin mosquito fogging as of Monday, September 18 from 6:00am to 8:00am.

The fogging is being done in light of the visible increase in mosquitoes on the island. The fogging will start in the areas Belvedere, Bishop Hill, Oyster Pond, Dawn Beach, Defiance, Middle Region and Dutch Quarter.

“If for some reason the ministry cannot manage to do all of these areas in the two-hour time frame, they will continue on the next day and will inform on a continuous basis in which areas fogging will take place on the following days,” it was stated in a press release on Sunday.

CPS said it is important for residents to remember while fogging is ongoing in their respective neighbourhoods that the aim of the mosquito fogging operations is to kill, or knock-down, any adult mosquitoes. CPS said it is useful for residents to leave all doors and windows in their house open at the time of fogging, as this will allow the fog to enter the house and kill any mosquitoes inside.

While the fogging operations will have some success in killing adult mosquitoes in the areas that are fogged, residents of St Maarten are warned that this activity alone is not enough to protect everyone. To reduce and control the mosquito population a number of actions need to be taken not only by public authorities, but also by residents.

“These include making sure there are no mosquitoes breeding in your yard, such as in tires, drums, buckets and any water storage containers, and that you also protect your family from mosquito bites inside and outside the house during the day and in the early morning and early evening,” CPS advised.

The Ministry said the best way to keep mosquitoes away is to eliminate all possible breeding sites particularly now with debris of the hurricane. Residents are urged to continue cleaning up, but do so carefully. “As you are cleaning, please use work gloves and remember to clean all wounds thoroughly with soap and if needed disinfect with Iodine. Consult your doctor when necessary.” (721 News Photo)

Source: The Daily Herald