DH editorial: Heck of a lot better

According to today’s report on discussions about the joint sewage plant, it seems an alternative was looked at after all. When plans were announced to put it on a man-made island in Simpson Bay Lagoon there had been quite some objection, considering the extent to which the inlet already has been burdened due to commercial development along its coastline, including the strongly-grown marine industry.

Local authorities argued at the time that no other feasible choices existed, while the deadline for funding by the European Union (EU) was at risk of being surpassed. However, it turns out officials of both the Dutch and French sides meanwhile had studies done to look in the West basin at different possible locations for the project.

The related story does not mention the results of these efforts, but says they were the topic of a multi-criteria analysis workshop involving key stakeholders who evaluated “a number of options.” The outcome was further discussed last Thursday and negotiations with property owners were said to start soon.

As nobody can possibly have any land in the lagoon, one has to assume a decision was made to house the plant on the shore. That may not please everyone either and crucial details such as the exact spot are still lacking, but it sounds a heck of a lot better than building an island.
Source: Daily Herald
Heck of a lot better